Since my last post I managed to finish some WIP’s. I even managed to start and finish some projects all in the same week!


Firstly I finished some hand warmers for my boyfriend from the same yarn as his socks. You can tell he likes blue ^^ Because of his accident he can only wear one, but he is very pleased with them. He just switches between hand warmers to use them both. Just like the cozy colorful handwarmers I also made up this pattern, and as you can see it fits him well 🙂

Next in line was a camera cozy! It has been a few months since I bought my camera, and I really thought it was time for a cozy! I didn’t feel comfortable leaving it out in the open all the time, so that’s what I made.


The colors really brighten my day! I used a bobble stitch for extra protection and made a tube from double crochets as a flap.


I really am happy with how it turned out, since this is also a made up pattern.


Doesn’t that button make it whole? 🙂

With the cozy out of my mind I also finished the big drawstring version of the mini skein wonders. Yes I did it! After I started working on it again it all went so fast I still can’t believe it! You will have to wait for the full post on it since I’m still taking pictures (the little bugger doesn’t let itself be photographed that easy ;)).

With all of these things done I allowed myself a new project! *yay* 🙂 I had an idea for some time, but I don’t want to work at too many things at once, so I had to push it back in my head until I had space for something new. The yarn I used for my boyfriends socks comes in a variety of shades, of which my LYS carries three. I knew I really liked those shades and quickly knew it was destined to become a new handbag 🙂


Aren’t those colors amazing?! It is Marks&Kattens Fame Trend Yarn. I already had the pink/orange one and a little bit left from the blue one, so I bought the purple and another skein of the blue.


I was inspired by the beekeepers quilt every knitter should know by now. I am not a huge fan of knitting piles and piles of little things you later have to make into a big thing, so I thought I should manage making myself a new handbag. My current handbag is almost a year old now! It really served me well and I still love it, but it is becoming more shabby and less chic if you know what I mean 😉 Since I bought this yarn I’ve knitted hexagons everyday. I’m so anxious to see how all the hexagons are going to look! Exciting times indeed 🙂

And if it isn’t all exciting enough, I have my exams next Tuesday! I really need to practice, practice, practice for the big day. So that’s all I’m going to do this week. Except for a little hexagon knitting of course 😉