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Poem & Inspiration

Do you recognize the shifting of the light between the seasons? When the trees create new leaves again, the light shifts from winterblue hues to soft green light. The shawl is inspired on this transformation from Winter to Spring. This pattern is part of the Poetry Collection. Each pattern in this collection is accompanied by a poem. Read more via this link

Hushed voices sweep me away
Their ancient stories untold
It’s in their wood and in their veins
Listen how the tiny leaves unfold  

Whispers in the wind
The sun setting the leaves alight
Green filters all around me
Spring is finally in sight

Yarn & Notions

  • 5 x Scheepjes Our Tribe* in color ‘A Spoonful of Yarn’ (70% Superwashed Merino, 30% Polyamide)


If you don’t have a retailer nearby, please consider buying your yarn for this project via one of the links below. It will give me a small commission, but it won’t cost you anything extra. This way I can keep making free patterns : )


  • 3.5mm hook or other size to obtain gauge
  • Darning needle and thread clipper
  • Blocking materials

Gauge & Size

10x10cm/4×4” = 20 sts and 12 rows in filet crochet pattern. Shawl measures 60cm/24” wide and 200cm/80” long after blocking.

Stitches & Abbreviations (US terms)

ch chain
ch-sp chain space
sk skip
st stitch
dc double crochet

Notes & Tips

  • Important: You cannot alter the width of the shawl easily, because subtracting or adding repeats will affect how to make the point created in filet crochet at the end of the shawl.
  • If you don’t know how to read a chart, please check out the tutorial at the end of this page to help you learn chart reading : )

The Pattern

Setup    Using 3.5mm hook and Our Tribe yarn; ch119
Step 1: Starting in third ch from hook; work R1 of chart 1, ch2 {doesn’t count as a st throughout}, turn. Stitch count: 117 dc
Step 2: Work rows 2-17 of chart 1 for a total of eight times. The green stitches indicate the repeat. Work this repeat 7 times for each row. Your shawl will measure approximately 115 cm/46” long.
Step 3: Work rows 1-16 of chart 2 for a total of three times. Keep marking the outer two ch-sp as your guide. All stitches on the outside of these markers will only be dc stitches. These dc stitches on the outside of the markers will increase with each row {because the point will get smaller}. It will therefore not match the chart after the first repeat of R1-16. The green stitches within the marked ch-sps indicate the repeat. This repeat is never worked outside of the marked ch-sps.
Step 4: Work rows 17 to 26, ch2 and turn at the end of R26.
Step 5: Work 1dc in each st across, ch2, turn.
Step 6: Work step 5 until the shawl measures 200cm/80” long. Fasten off and work away ends. Block wrap to measurements given under “Gauge & Size”.

Chart 1

Chart 2

How to Read a Chart

Where to start? As you can see below in the first section of chart 1, there are two red arrows. You start at the red arrow at row 1. This is your ‘reading direction’. You ‘read’ row 1 from right to left. Row 2 is ‘read’ from left to right.

Row 2: As you can see in the picture below, you work row 2 from left to right, in the direction of the arrow. The green stitches represent the stitch repeat.

Written out row 2 would read as follows:
Ch2, 1dc in first 2 dc, *ch1, sk next st, 1dc in next 15 st* rep between * * to last 3 st, ch1, sk next st, 1dc in last 2 st, turn.
The green stitches are repeated until a whole repeat doesn’t fit anymore. So that is where you stop following the green stitches and work the last black stitches.

Let’s do row 3 as another example!

Row 3:
Like row 1 you will work row 3 (and all other odd numbered rows) from right to left. This will result in the following instructions, given in the picture below.

Written out row 3 would read as follows:
Ch2, 1dc in first 2 st, 1dc in ch-sp *ch1, sk next st, 1dc in next 6 st, ch1, sk next st, 1dc in next 6 st, ch1, sk next st, 1dc in next ch-sp* rep between * * to last 2 st, 1dc in last 2 st, turn.
Like all other rows, the green stitches are repeated until a whole repeat doesn’t fit anymore. So that is where you stop following the green stitches and work the last black stitches.

For all future rows: Follow all odd numbered rows from right to left and all even numbered rows from left to right, following the chart from the bottom to the top. 

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Affiliate disclaimer

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  • Beautiful shawl love the color and yarn just in time for Saint Patrick’s day now the only thing is I am from the old school and cannot understand the new charts, is there a written out pattern as I would really love to make this shawl. I moved and there are no shops or friends near by to help me out. Thank you

    • Hi Carol! No there are only charts for this pattern. Maybe you can try to read charts with the tutorial that accompanies it 🙂

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