Inspirational Hexies

Welcome to the Inspirational Hexies page! Here you can find all Hexies!

Welkom op de Inspirational Hexies pagina! Hier kan je alle Hexies vinden! 

Info & Back Story

Introduction post / Introductie post 


The pattern for whole Hexie ENG / Het patroon voor de hele Hexie NL

Pattern for joining the Hexies ENG / Patroon om de Hexies aan elkaar te haken NL

Pattern for Half Hexies and joining the Half Hexies ENG / Patroon om de halve hexies te haken en de hexies aan de deken te haken NL

Pattern for the border of the blanket ENG / Patroon voor de rand van de deken NL

The Inspirational Hexies blogposts & their color lists

I have numbered the Hexies and put the link below the photo’s so you can go straight to the Hexie post.

Ik heb de Hexies genummerd en de links eronder gezet, dus dan kan je gelijk naar de Hexie blogposts gaan. 

1 – Bees2 – More Buzzing Bees3 – Spring4 – More Spring Inspiration

5 – Retro6 – More on the Retro Theme7 – Kimono8 – More Kimono Inspiration

9 – skies10 – more skies to watch11 – birds12 – flying away with the birds

13 – herbarium14 – more herbs and plants15 – ocean16 – dive into the ocean with me

17 – bouquet18 – more bouquets19 – trees20 – a whole forest of trees

21 – museum22 – museum dwelling23 – butterflies24 – more butterflies fluttering by

25 – autumn26 – more autumn leafs27 – romance28 – even more romance

29 – cosmos30 – to the stars and beyond31 – winter32 – a thick wintery blanket

Half Hexies