Ever since I started part 3 of my sewing course, I felt the need for a new bag. You know; New books = New bag ^.^ I remembered I bought a singer sewing book, that had various kinds of bags in them, and I knew what I wanted, so I started looking for that model. I quickly found one and began searching for fabric in my stash.

I still love that combination of purple faux suede and green vintage flower fabric, so I went with that exactly!


The result is stunning if I may say so myself 🙂 I LOVE how this one turned out!


There are straps at the side, you can tie to make the bag bigger or smaller, how nice is that 🙂 I just hate I didn’t think of it myself. (Severe case of Idea – Envy)

I followed the sewing pattern quite loosely since the original was 60 cm wide -way too big!- and there were some weird sewing techniques that I thought could be much simpler, but the result is the same.

I am also working on another bag, that needs a bit more hours, since it is going to be knitted and then sewn together. I’m making good progress, but it has come to a halt since I got distracted with other projects -you know what it’s like;) -.


Well this is the progress so far! I really like the green blue hexagons, they really lift the whole thing up!


I want to whip the whole thing together with a dark teal – ish color, I think that will work very well.

On a whole different note: I had some exciting news last week! I really want to keep it a bit of a mystery, since there are some things that are still undetermined. I can however tell you that this calls for me to come up with extra tutorials and patterns, which is always a good thing 😉 When all is set I will reveal the news to you, and with it some new and exciting patterns I’m working on right now!

I hope your week is also going to be a productive one ^.^

PS: How do you like my new banner? Pretty cool huh 🙂