With all this (temporarily) free time on my hands I finally finished my hand spun yarn. Last October -yes, I know, that long ago!- I ordered some super pretty custom blended roving from Countess Ablaze, called ‘Geeks like rainbows too’. She sells yarns and fiber in the most amazing and vibrant colors you’ve ever seen. I loved the bright rainbow colors and multi colored glitter, so I chose this one as my next spinning project.


Look at those colors! *drool* I swear I didn’t do anything to the saturation, it really is that bright

In my opinion this roving called for a thick spun yarn to let it pop! Well, mission accomplished 🙂


Just look at it! I’m seriously envious of my own yarn, haha


It’s very soft and hairy! I spun 3/4 thick and thin, and the last 1/4 thin and plied it up to get this bouclé effect.


With the generous skein I’ve spun (130m/100g) I need to have a good idea of what I’m going to make. I still have 100 grams left though, so I might want to spin that as well and make a hat and a pair of mittens? Who knows what other crazy ideas I get from this equally crazy yarn =D

I’m sure you are now very convinced to get spinning this gorgeous roving yourself. You can get this roving on the countess’ website and for a very good price too!

Do you have any good recommendations what to make with this delicious yarn?

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Countess Ablaze, all these opinions are truly my own.