miniskeins shopped

For Christmas I got a pack of mini skeins from a relative. I was over the moon! Especially, because they were from eaden yarns. I was eyeballing their site since they went on line, so it was a very good gift indeed!

balls shopped

I started winding those skeins in little balls, and started thinking about what I could make with them. After a day or so, I knew what I wanted to make, and I love how they’ve turned out.


With practicality in mind, and of course an excuse to make something pretty, I present to you my “mini skein wonders”. Aren’t they a treat to look at? These little pouches can carry your little projects, such as granny squares, hexipuffs, socks, you name it! This way they wont get lost in big bags anymore, that’s for sure.  They are quick and easy to make, so a perfect something for that special someone.


Because I want to share my love with you, I wrote a tutorial (in English and dutch) that will be posted next week, so be sure to stop by when it’s ready!

The tutorial consists of a “knitting” part, and a “sewing” part, and are quite picture heavy, so I’ve cut them up in two posts. That way you can start knitting, and come back later to learn how to turn those pretty knits into even prettier pouches!

What would you use these pouches for?