You know how it is; searching on pinterest and etsy for gorgeous yarn colors, just for the sake of drooling over them. Most of the time it ends with only looking, mostly because the yarn I like the most, has to come from America. I don’t mind that, but if you want to ship to Holland, you’re likely to pay almost the same amount of money you spend on the yarn on import fees. I don’t like paying that much for yarn, so I decided to take out my yarn dyeing stuff and get going myself!

I wanted to get a semi solid teal color and that is exactly what I got! This exceeded all of my expectations and I truly can say I’m totally in love.

Look at that gorgeous saturated color!

When I dye yarn I always write the exact amounts down, so I can use them later if I want to replicate the result. And a result it is! I’m by no means an expert but I really wanted to share the recipe with you, to share the wealth 🙂

Here’s what I used:

I used 50 grams of phildar Phil folk sock yarn which is 75 % wool and 25 % polyamide

Wilton leaf green icing gel

Wilton royal blue icing gel


Here’s what I did:

I pre soaked the yarn in a bowl with hot tap water and 4 tea spoons of white vinegar. I left it to soak for +/- 3 hours. I don’t think it matters for how long you soak it, as long as the water has gone through and through. This helps absorb the dye evenly, as I understand it.

I set a pan on the stove with a thick bottom to help distribute the heat evenly. I poured in about 5 cups of water without vinegar. Next I put in the yarn which is drained of excess water but still moist. I put on the heat and let it slowly come to a near boil.

When the yarn was heating up I prepared the dye solution. 400 ml hot water -> about 1,5 cup without any vinegar. Then I put a little fork in the jar of wilton royal blue and scooped out quite a big amount, so that the fork is totally covered in gel. I stirred it through the water until it was completely dissolved. Then I scooped out half a fork worth of leaf green, this is enough to make the end color more to the green side than blue. I stirred the green through the dye solution and let it dissolve.


When the water is near boiling I turned down the heat to a low and added 3 table spoons of vinegar to the pot and stirred. I pushed the yarn to the sides and gently poured in the dye solution. Then I turned the heat to a little higher setting and left it to simmer until the water was completely clear.

You can see I poured the dye solution in the middle because that’s where it’s a bit darker.

As a final step I rinsed the yarn gently with dish soap and water until there was no dye coming out the skein. I hung it to dry over night and when it was dry made beautiful pictures of the yarn and did little dances ^^

It’s only a 50 gram skein with 210 meters on it, so I don’t know what to do with it yet, but I’m sure I will come up with something 😉 I really like how it works with gold, so maybe a little shawl with a gold shawl pin? What do you think I should make?

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  • Erg mooi geworden!
    Ik vind juist het kleurverloop in handgekleurde wol veel mooier dan de machinale.
    Ik heb nog wel een mooi patroon voor je van een omslagdoek.
    Je hebt altijd genoeg garen omdat het patroon met percentages van gewicht werkt.
    Laat maar horen of je het wil hebben. ♥

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