Hi again! As I said in last weeks post, I went to the Breidag yesterday. It wasn’t as big as I expected, but that’s only a good thing since there was too much to choose from already! There were stands that sold yarn from all the big brands and stands that had all hand-dyed yarn and fibers. The latter I could not rip myself away from! All those pretty colorways and yarn bases. I was in yarn heaven! It was only in the last ten minutes or so I actually purchased some of it. My indecisiveness took its toll as usual. As I said, for me it’s a good thing there is only so much to choose from. Were it any bigger, I probably would’ve left with nothing at all.

I’m sorry in advance for all the bad pictures of the fair, but the lighting was terrible and my camera disagreed with taking pictures of most of the stuff.


This knitted blanket is really amazing! Imagine the work that must’ve gotten into it! 


It was very cool to see all the knitwear samples as well.



These were the hand-dyed yarns from dutch wool diva. They have some amazing colorways which they dye themselves and I couldn’t resist picking one up.


They also had some amazing fiber braids, mini bats and rolags. All handdyed as well. The ladies were equally as lovely as their yarns 🙂 

Ok. Now back to some better lighting already!


This is my very modest yarn haul! The bottom grey ones are phildar’s phil folk 50, which is a nylon wool blend for socks. The pink/purple one is from the previously mentioned dutch wool diva and has this amazing color depth to it, as well as some stellina for that sparkly look. The top right is from wol met verve and I absolutely love the colors. It reminds me of caves and rock and sand and beaches. It also has stellina in it, but not as much as the pink one.



Ooooo, Sparkly!


Those burnt oranges really reminds me of a fox’s fur for some reason



Here you can see the stellina, subtle but all there the same. I think it really suits the colorway, being some shimmer from the water’s surface. I could go all poetic from this yarn!

I’m really looking forwards working with these yarns, as you can imagine 😉 I’m planning on making a shawl of some sorts, but I’m not sure which yarn to use. I’ll figure something out, I’m sure.

Have you been to the breidag or another wool fair? I would love to see your yarn haul 🙂