Woohoo! Today it has been exactly a year since I first posted something 🙂 How time flies! It has been a successful year in my opinion. I’ve met more people, made more crafty friends and got more views on here than I would have guessed a year ago. It was the year I learned to knit socks (two at a time toe up as well!), knit cables, knit my first ever shawl, learn to spin and dye wool and got my high-tea cherry popped.


It all began with writing my first post. That took me some time, because the first post should say something about what your blog is about and what you want it to be for the future.

My first sentence was;

“Do you love yarn? I sure do. You know what they say about a spoonful of yarn a day… No?

Well, me neither but it sure makes for happy days (and a very fluffy throat).
You can never have too much yarn and there are plenty of things to create with it.” 

I still think it’s a good starter and I still make many things with that fluffy stuff 🙂

Here are some stats for you (and me) to see how this blog has grown over the year.


First pattern: Mini skein wonders

Viewed: 852 times 

Downloaded (on craftsy): 150 times (download here)


Most popular pattern: Cozy colorful handwarmers 

Viewed: 3524 times 

Downloaded (on craftsy): 349 times (download here)


Runner up: Hook ‘n Stitch headband

Viewed: 1443 times 

Downloaded (on craftsy): 181 times (download here) 

Total patterns published: 8 all free patterns of which 4 were featured on craftgawker

Total number of blog posts: 35 

Total views on blog: 18.312 views and counting! 

Highlight of the year: Me and my blog got a special feature on Cut out + keep as a ‘knit and crochet superstar’, which was totally awesome and led me to make more free patterns! (since I didn’t have enough to fill a whole week XD) 


My favorite  (selfmade)pattern: I think I will go for the embroidery tree wall art tutorial. I see it every day and I get lots of compliments and questions when guests walk by 🙂 It’s a good conversation starter and fun to do yourself or with your children. 

I’m still working on more patterns. I really enjoy sharing the things I come up with, and since I don’t mind writing everything down all the time, I’m planning on keeping my patterns free 🙂 I know a lot of bloggers do a giveaway when they have an anniversary, but instead I like to keep bringing you free patterns. Yay for you and me, right?!


favorite moments: I think two of my favorite moments were; firstly at the haakmeet in Zwolle where I met such kind and likeminded people, and secondly at the breidag (a woolfair also in Zwolle), because who doesn’t like to go to a woolfair 🙂 

I love blogging and I hope that I will love it as much in the upcoming year.

Last night I’ve glued a quote from a magazine in my notebook which I think is suitable to close off this post;


“A goal without a plan is just a wish”  😉


See you on the other side!