remember when I spun my first yarn? Well, it has been sitting in my stash for ages until now!

I needed something to keep my ears and head warm for the upcoming winter and found the perfect pattern! I saw various FO’s and knew it was exactly what I wanted. A yarnloving mama designed this pattern and made a beautiful version with handspun as well. It’s called ‘womb of wisdom’ and uses very little yarn. The pattern is very easy to follow and perfect if you want to dive in to knitting your first cables! You can stop whenever it fits, leaving some negative ease to stretch around your head.


I chose to knit a few rows every now and then, since I was working on so many other things as well, but if I knitted continuously I could’ve finished it in a single afternoon. (one row is only 20 stitches)


I love the way it looks and feels. So very warm and soft. The pattern and the yarn really do eachother justice. I still have half of the yarn left, just enough for, say, some wrist warmers maybe? 🙂


I really love the special colors the handspun gives me. So natural and different from handdyed yarn. It just blends together in one awesome blue/purple color.


Finally I’m ready for winter 🙂

Are there still winter projects you need to finish?


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