Hi there! It’s been a while, but I’m back! I just finished my tailoring exam and passed 🙂 All the last minute exam stress is finally over, which leaves time to get back to blogging again.

Since last fall I’ve been working on a new scarf design. I wanted to make something I haven’t seen before. Well, it was quite the task, but I pulled it off. The last threads were woven in a few weeks ago. Notes finished. Pattern written down. Pictures taken.

So why did it take me so long to make this post?

Sometimes you get a design in your head and start working on it, thinking; ‘yeah, this is going really well!’. You frog some rows, re-do them, frog them again and re-do them yet again. This goes on and on until the scarf is finished and you are happy with what you’ve produced and proud to have done it.

This time I failed.

Because of the in- and decreases the sides are prone to roll inwards. I saw it happen, but thought it would block out. Turns out, it doesn’t. So I’m left with a scarf that continuously rolls up on itself. On top of that, the last section is worked triangular at first and as a chevron onwards. This section is just way too wide, leaving the whole thing wonky. I really hoped it all would just block out and magically rearrange itself when it was dry.

Because of these design errors, I don’t think anyone will be better off if I do publish the pattern. This was a hard decision, since I’ve spent 4 months of work on that scarf, wanting it to be perfect and everything I imagined it to be.

I don’t want to rob you of the finished scarf though, so here it is!


I took all the pictures in a way to avoid seeing the obvious mistakes, but trust me, they are there 😉 



I think I want to attempt a new scarf design, but a knit one, and tweak the in- and decreases so it doesn’t roll anymore. I can only learn from this experience and look forward 🙂

I’m very sorry for this boring and disappointing post, but I will have something new for you soon!