Long overdue, but still worth showing off; my old romance cardigan! (You can find the pattern here)

I’m wearing it with a shirt I made last year. Still going strong 🙂

I completed it last month, which means it only took me 1,5 month to finish it. To me, that’s warp speed! The main reason I finished so quickly is because I want to focus more on one project and finish that one faster, than working on several at a time, finishing nothing in the next months (or getting bored with it).

The thing that I love the most, and the reason I started it in the first place, is that gorgeous lace detail along the arm. I haven’t come across something like it before (in knitting patterns) and wanted to make it straight away.


I dyed the yarn myself. It’s much greener than I would’ve liked. I already read that blue takes up really slow but apparently the tiniest bit of green can screw up your big blue plans 🙂

I did the lace panels two at a time. It really helps in case you would get ‘second lace panel-syndrome’ 😉 The pattern was easy to follow and the shaping of the shoulders was fun to do, due to the short rows. After that it was just endless stockinette. I just kicked myself in the butt and kept on going until, a week later, I was done!


I still need to block it. It tends to crop up a bit because my back is exceptionally long. Of course I could’ve added more rows, but who wants to do that after 45 cm’s of stockinette already? Crazy talk!

At the moment I’m working on a large crochet project . You might have heard about the sophie’s universe CAL 🙂 It’s really addictive and despite me being late to the party, not hard to follow and catch up on! I’m planning on doing a blogpost on that soon!

 PS: sorry for the crappy pictures, but I had to be the model this time. My boyfriend took them and he doesn’t have the patience to take 30 shots of the same thing, this time unfortunately resulting in a very limited range to choose from 🙂 

  • Beautiful cardigan, I really love the colour of the hand dyed yarn. But as green is my favourite colour, I might be a bit prejudiced. I’ve never heard of second lace panel syndrome before, but as I already suffer from second sock syndrome I should definitely watch out for that 😉

    • Thank you tahnee 🙂 the yarn grew on me gradually 😉 now I just love it ^^ I heard of many people putting off knitting the second lace panel, so it was a safe thing to do it two at a time 🙂

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