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It took me a while to figure out the colors she used in her mandalas, but after long hard looks at the photo’s (and the mandalas in real life) I finished all 15 of them.

Here they are all together. They are beautiful to look at and make me happy and sad at the same time. I can’t wait to join them, to see how they actually look as a blanket (this is just a photoshop compilation).

Below you can see them individually. Originally I was going to split this post up, but they belong together, so they stay together.


‘Winter Sky’ See her post here

This one was the hardest to get the colors right, because they are all muted and the tones are really similar. I kept frogging and starting over more than I can count on one hand. Eventually we went to see her boyfriend where they all hang in her craft room, so I got the chance to really match each color.



‘Watermelon’ See her post here



‘Twinkle toes’ See her post here


‘Sparkle beach’ See her post here

Marinke used dmc sparkle thread. I only had gold sewing thread, so my ‘sparkle’ isn’t that obvious. It worked out pretty nonetheless!


‘Pinkapades’ See her post here


‘Peter max’ See her post here

This is one of my boyfriends favorites. It’s also the most vibrant in color of all of them.


‘Lolita’ See her post here


‘King tut’ See her post here


‘Handspun’ See her post here

Marinke liked handspun yarn a lot. I even spun her some art yarn for christmas last year. She was so excited that she exclaimed “Okay, that’s it, no present can top this, lets go home!” She could be very enthusiastic like that, and I liked her a lot for it. She was the perfect recipient for all of my presents!


‘Halloween’ See her post here


‘Leaves’ See her post here

This is one of my favorite. She was no fan of blue, but damn did she pull this off! I also like the fact that she thought out of the box when thinking of ‘fall’.


‘Dream of flying’ See her post here


‘Church window’ See her post here


‘Carrousel’ See her post here


‘Blue skies’ See her post here


Because I want to share the joy of making her beautiful mandalas I decided to put up the color schemes of every mandala she made, along with the color schemes of my own memory-mandalas. I’m working on putting it all in a PDF file for everyone to use, which I hope to have finished in a few weeks.

I also made 5 of my own based on things she owned (like her noro fat bottom bag) and things we did together, but that’s for another post.


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