4. ‘Noro Boho Bag’


I think you all remember the post of her noro fat bottom bag (see original post here)

I can tell you it is even more stunning in real life. Where ever Marinke went, the bag went too and vice versa. I was stunned it didn’t fall apart already!


I was tempted to make one of my own, but seeing the prices of noro, I slowly backed out. Maybe in the future when I need a new bag, I’ll reconsider!


The bag now belongs to Marinke’s mother, who will cherish it for the rest of her life.


5. ‘Back to the 70’s’

Marinke liked 70’s stuff a lot! So much so she had all kinds of 70’s stuff in her house. Plates, mugs, tins, phones and camera’s all from way back when.


When we had to devide her stuff amongst the family, there was no one who wanted ‘those hideous mugs and plates’.


Seeing her things really takes me back to her apartment and what joy we had there, so we happily accepted all of her 70’s china and tins.


With so many things we have now of Marinke it takes time to give it all a place, literally and figuratively. This whole project gave me the chance to immerse myself in her world and give a few stories back at the same time.

Everyone deals with it in his/her own way. This blanket was a way for me to remember and forget and remember again.

Marinke, You are out of our lives but always in our hearts.

We love you <3