Sometimes you are in need of more storage space. Who am I kidding, aren’t we all in continuous need of more storage space!

Of course there are requirements for this extra storage. It can’t simply be a plastic box. No.

It has to be pretty to look at, with bright colors to make you happy. For me it also has to involve some type of crafting to get my creativity out.

Yes, no boring boxes for me.

Again, still, I had Drops Paris yarn left over from my Wink’s Mandalas Blanket. That stash seems never ending! It’s like a yarn black hole, there’s just no end to it. So, as you can guess, I used that for my shell basket 🙂

I always loved shell stitches. It gives your work a look of softness and nostalgia. When I searched for baskets or storage patterns online I couldn’t find one that I really liked, so of course I decided to make my own pattern again and I had to share it with you lovely people 🙂

The pattern has some extra pictures to clarify a few steps and a link to Wink’s tutorial for the needle join in the round and the standing stitch. So it is a good pattern for beginners too. It also comes with a chart for you with the colors used per row if you want to exactly replicate my basket. Lastly there are some instructions for the people who want to make their basket bigger or smaller.

As always I provided a Dutch and an English version for you to choose from.

English Version 

Dutch Version 

Errata: My apologies. In the notes of the pattern it says: “Keep in mind that when working in the round (like most of this pattern), the loop of the stitch resides after the stitch. When working flat the loop of the stitch resides before the stitch.” This is actually incorrect and it’s the other way around. However, this basket is made with this incorrect knowledge, so if you follow the picture tutorial all will be fine 🙂 

Aanpassingen: Mijn excuses. In de notities van het patroon staat: “Onthoud goed dat als je in de ronde werkt (zoals het overgrote deel van dit patroon), dat de lus van de steek na de steek komt. Als je plat werkt dan zit de lus van de steek voor de steek.” Dit is fout, want het is eigenlijk andersom. Het mandje wordt dus gemaakt op basis van deze foute informatie, dus als je gewoon de foto-tutorial volgt dan komt het alsnog goed 🙂 

I use this little basket to store toiletries in the bathroom. I must say it looks quite cozy in there now with all the pinks and reds!

Happy making


All patterns are for unlimited personal use. Do not reproduce, sell or publish (parts of) the patterns. Patterns may not be copied in any way (print or digitally), in part or in full, except for personal use. Items may be sold that are made from this pattern as long as the designer is credited.


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