In anticipation for my own new sweater design, I thought it was nice to see the pretty sweaters other indie designers have published on Ravelry. I selected a few (paid and free) to get your hands on. In this oversight I only show patterns that are directly available online, like my patterns and all are pullovers, like my upcoming pattern.

Paid patterns 

Siesta sweater by Michelle Ferguson  copyright Sweet Life Photography by Kim

Flowers and Tiles top by Elena Fedotova copyright Ravliki

Eventide by Joleen Kraft copyright  Joleen Kraft

Seasons sweater by Ana Tenorio copyright Ana Tenorio (Tía Nuna) 

Striped shirt by Maria Attefalk copyright Maria Attefalk

SaperliPOPette boxy sweater by Sylvie Damey copyright Sylvie Damey

Santa Maria del Pi by Kiko Valin copyright kiko valin

Relaxed crochet sweater by Judit Hummel  copyright Judit Hummel

Basket weave sweater by Ingunn Santini copyright Sophie and Me-Ingunn Santini

Sweetheart Sweater by Vicki Brown copyright Tailor Made Publishing

Shell’s Summer Sweater by Amy Price copyright Amy Price

 Maximum by Nicki Hirsch (Tunisian Crochet) copyright Nicki Hirsch


Free patterns 

Rebel by Brenda Grobler copyright Nurturing Fibres

Country Girl by Brenda Grobler copyright Brenda Grobler 

Coastal Breeze by Yuli Nilssen copyright Yuli Nilssen

Marla Sweater by ‘Greenxbird’ copyright Greenxbird

Short sleeved sweater by Jane Green copyright

Kawasaki top by Carmen Jorissen copyright Crafty Queens 

As you can see there are some great sweaters and shirts out there! I hope you feel inspired to give crochet sweaters a go 🙂

You’ll hear from me soon, when I reveal my own crochet sweater design!

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