In my latest blogpost, I revealed all the little details about my newest addition to the Book Inspired pattern family: the Dark Forest shawl! Today marks the start of my special pre-sale!

Pre-sale 20-25 January

From today until the 25th, you can buy the pattern at a whopping 30% discount AND be the first to get access as soon as the pattern gets uploaded on the 26th!

And I’m sorry to sound like a telemarketeer, but that’s not all!

Because when you buy the pattern in the pre-sale, you will also get an exclusive discount code for another 30% off all of my other book-inspired patterns :O I really can’t remember the last time I gave a discount that big! You will receive the code in a PDF upon purchase.


Go over to my Ravelry store now, to secure yourself a copy and your exclusive discount!

Will you snatch up this great deal?

PS: Please note that buying the pattern at the pre-sale, will not grant you access earlier than the 26th! The pattern will be available on the 26th, no sooner.

PPS: If you prefer to buy on Etsy, I will offer this special deal on the 26th on Etsy as well.