Hey crochet fan ūüėÄ Have you ever thought about starting to crochet design yourself?

Here’s the thing. When I started, I wasted my time on Google and Youtube tutorials

When we want to transgress from adapting existing designs to designing from scratch, don’t we all start with Google and Youtube tutorials? But making designs beyond a dishcloth seemed so daunting, overcomplicated and confusing… And the info you can find online is so overwhelming and often not even what you are looking for…

What if I told you, you could create the design of your dreams, even if you don’t have previous design experience.

You might not believe me, but it’s 100% true. Your crochet design dream is closer to you than you think. All that you’re missing is a big YES from you and the right coaching from me (and I know my stuff, so you’re already halfway there)… Are you willing to take the leap?

Would you love to learn how to crochet design? But…

  • creating a design from scratch feels¬†way too complicated¬†or overwhelming…
  • you can’t get past designing a dishcloth…
  • you feel like all you can come up with are boring and un-original designs…
  • your¬†crochet designs are created based on random luck¬†rather than with expert knowledge

…then you are probably MISSING the exact step-by-step design system that Mind of the Crochet Designer will provide!

I used to make unoriginal and boring designs no one was waiting for. If you know my journey, then you know it all changed for me when I started to create unique crochet designs!

Believe it or not, I’ve been where you are now. It took me more than 8 designs, before it finally all clicked for me. Now I am a successful crochet designer, with over ‚ā¨80.000 in crochet pattern revenue and counting.

That’s why I know, offering unique crochet designs is your gateway into crochet design success! But how to actually create them?

I mean, crochet designing is HARD! Let alone create something that stands out in the crowd…

For two years I created boring and mediocre crochet designs that no one wanted, until I found a way to create unique and original designs

In Mind of the Crochet Designer, I am going to teach you my step-by-step process. 

So you too can create the design of your dreams, earn back your design time and finally receive the love and attention your designs deserve!

If this is calling to you, you can find all info through this link.

And if you have any questions, please reply in the comments or send an email to info@christinacrochetcoach.com! I’d love to walk you through the program and shed some light on if this is right for you.