I know it’s crazy with the warmer weather we’re having lately, but I think I’m getting a little addicted to knitting shawls!

It started a few weeks back when I rediscovered the patterns from boo knits. She designs the most pretty and elegant shawls that look amazing. The patterns seem intricate but really are easy to follow, even for a beginner lace knitter like myself.

Her free pattern ‘dragonfly wings‘ was the first on my list, which uses a tiny amount of yarn to create a gorgeous shawl.

With my handspun still lying around without a purpose, I decided to use it for this project.


I didn’t know how it would work out since it’s a semi-long gradient, but it worked out perfect!

My little sister modeled for me yet again. She’s never bored with it 🙂


This shawl is light but warm and super soft because of the merino.


The colors are amazing and I don’t think I could’ve picked a better pattern for it!

Now for some useful info:

Yarn: 100% merino handspun. The thickest is about worsted weight and the thinnest about light fingering

Yardage: I used 84 grams, which is aprox. 300 meters

Needles: The pattern called for 4 different size needles, but I didn’t have those, so I only used 5 and 6 mm. Because the transition of the two was quite large, I knitted two rows straight to loosen up the stitches before starting the lace pattern.

Difficulties: I never did a cable cast on. The pattern said to cast on through the back loop, but I found it easier to cast on between two stitches, so this is what I used. The lace pattern was super easy and quite simple to remember after a few rows.

Recommendations: I would totally recommend this pattern. It is a great pattern if you want to make a stunning last minute present, since it’s such a quick knit. I knitted it over the course of four days to complete it and I’m not the fastest of knitters.


Next week I will show you the second boo knits shawl I made 🙂