Hi there! Here’s part 2 of my ‘shawl frenzy’; the cloud illusions shawl by boo knits. (click here for part one to see my dragonfly wings shawl)

Having it on my pinboard for a very long time, it’s a wonder I didn’t make this shawl earlier! I fell in love with the lace design as well as the shape. After my first encounter with a boo knits pattern I just couldn’t stop and chose this one as my next knit.


Unfortunately my sister wasn’t there to do her modeling trick, so our tree was my next victim ^^


The original pattern called for a picot bind off. This sounded like it would take me another day to do so I didn’t do it. Looking at it now I would do one for my next shawl! Maybe even add some beads if I’m feeling extra adventurous 🙂


It’s a lightweight shawl, perfect for summer chills(we are unfortunately blessed with those at the moment, more often than I would like!) The yarn is super soft on my neck and because of the shape and size I wear it draped around my shoulders with a nice shawl pin.

Some useful info:


Dutch wool diva ‘diva sock glitter’. (I don’t remember the name of the colorway) I used 77 grams of this rich purple soft yarn

Astashaddict ‘unicorn hair’, a BFL superwash sock yarn. The variegation of the colors is amazing and only noticable when you look closely. I already used this yarn on so many projects! I only used 12 grams of it, but my stash is getting smaller and smaller!Too bad she doesn’t dye anymore.

I didn’t have enough of the dutch wool diva purple, so that’s why I also used some leftover astashaddict yarn. Combined it only used 89 grams (356 m) See raverly page for more detailed information

Needles: 4 mm for the garter rows and 5 mm for the lace section

Difficulties: I learned a new increasing method called ‘kyok’ which sounds totally awful as a word, but actually is a very nifty way of making two increases in the same stitch. I needed to ‘youtube it’ to know what I had to do. After that it was a breeze.

Size: I did the smallest version without the picot bind off. If I had more yarn I definitely would’ve made the biggest version, since it feels a little small around my neck for my taste

Time: It took me six days. Considering my slow knitting, it’s faster than I anticipated

Do overs?: 10/10 would knit again! I would go full whammy though -> Biggest size, in one color, with the picot bindoff and possible beading!


I’m trying to design my own lace shawl at the moment, emphasizing on the ‘trying’ 😉 So I hope I will have something to show you in the next weeks

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