Hi there!

I’d like to start off by saying that I’m totally blown away by all the responses on Wink’s mandalas blanket. It gave me confirmation that there are still people here that care and it gives me huge comfort. So thank you all lovely ladies/gentlemen for your supporting comments.

It’s been awhile since I posted anything and it hasn’t been without reason. First I needed some rest from it all. Clear my head and have some serious ‘me-time’. Secondly, I’ve started law school! I began in September and until now it has been great, but saying ‘I’m busy’ is a huge understatement! I hope I can have my ‘Bachelor in Law’ in four years. How cool would that be 🙂 Beginning this new adventure also means I have ample time to have a proper rest and even less time to work on my projects.

However, there is something I’m working on I want to show you.


Four weeks ago these gorgeous skeins came to my home all the way from Australia! I’m collaborating with the Indie yarn store and Cut Out and Keep to make a special pattern and it’s all I’m working on right now. If you follow me on instagram you might have already seen some peeks of the thing I’m making 😉


I really love how the yellow works with the ‘confetti yarn’. Those bumps created by garter stitch reminds me of little micro clouds with pretty colors splattered across. I contemplated working in stockinette, because it shows variegated yarn so well, but this texture feels just right and gives a nice thick fabric for the winter to come.


I hope to have the pattern ready in two weeks. I better crack on, since it’s getting colder and colder every day!


Can you guess what it will be?


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