Remember this post? A lot of you guessed correctly, I was indeed working on a shawl 🙂indieyarnstoreyarn1small

I made this shawl as a way to test the yarn from the Indie Yarn Store. This yarn store sells handdyed yarns from her own brand and other brands. I tested two different colors from her own brand called ‘indie sock’ in the colorways ‘Big Trev’ (which is -not so incidentally- also the name of her cat) and ‘Jasmine’. This 100% superwash merino yarn is super soft and lofty. I love the feel of it and it doesn’t split, which is a big pro in my book. -And in a lot of other knitters/crocheters books I assume!-


I wanted to design something out of my comfort zone, testing new techniques and create something special that would make anyone happy while wearing it. I love the pops of color in the ‘Jasmine’ colorway. I really wanted to work with it since I’ve never worked with speckled yarn before. I also wanted a ‘happy’ color, so that’s where the yellow comes in.


It’s lightweight and feels super soft around the neck. It also has beautiful drape because of the sideways construction.


As a new technique I used something called ‘intarsia’. It’s a bit like fair isle knitting, but instead of changing colors almost every stitch, the changes are less often. I used this technique for the yellow edge you can see at the bottom left of the shawl. I really do think the two colorways work great together!


I called this shawl ‘two sides to the story’, because there is no one truth. Where two people oppose each other they can each have their own version, the truth lies somewhere in the middle and that’s where their versions (the colors) come together.


You can get the whole pattern right now on Cut Out and Keep. I’m also working on putting the pattern in a PDF-format, so you can print it out.


I hope you’ll have fun with this shawl!

  • This shawl is so gorgeous, I love everything about it. The colours you used are perfect and I love the unique shape. I usually have a strong dislike for intarsia, but maybe I should give it another try on this shawl.

    • thank you Tahnee! It`s only one colorchange per row, so nothing outrageous 😉 And with all the stripes the intarsia technique takes the other strand up with the work, so there are only 5 ends to sew in 😉

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