Last Saturday there was a crochet meeting in Zwolle. I’ve been a hooker since 2010 and never went to a crochet meet-up, so I really thought I should give this one a go.

I was not disappointed, boy that afternoon just flew by! There were lots of lovely people, some you might even know, like; Wink from A creative being, Kirsten from Haakmaarraak, Carolien from Kralalien and Saskia from Saskihaakt. It kinda felt like a meet and greet and I was a little starstruck with all those big blogging names 🙂

The above image shows the table I was sitting on. On the right my mother in law, the middle is Lotte with here big smile, a very lovely girl I was happy to meet and on the left Yvonne who was in the middle of making an awesome scarf with very pretty handdyed yarn.

Besides the crochet there was also food. We had a lovely high tea, which I’ve also never done before. (Really I’ve missed out on some crazy awesome stuff!) I didn’t take pictures of the food, because that’s not how I roll, but trust me, it all looked very nice and tasted even better!


Look at all those busy hooking bees! 

The thing I liked the most about this meet-up is seeing what other people are working on, the variety is amazing. It really shows how different everyone is from each other and it gave me much inspiration for future projects.


One lady was working on this gorgeous overlay mandala, I just had to take a picture!

I myself was working on the ‘when alice fell’ wrap. You might’ve seen this before on winks blog last week. It was just 2 dollars then, so I picked up the pattern and got busy with what I had in my stash. I’ll tell you some more in a few days, when real progress is made 😉

With this meet up came a complementary goodie bag (oh how aweful) and it was filled to the brim with all these awesome goodies like; little stitchmarkers, a handdyed mini skein, some scheepjeswol yarn, hair clips crocheted by Wink, more stitchmarkers, and a whole lot of coupons and business cards. Us dutch sure like a good coupon to go with our free yarn 🙂

There were around 35 people so unfortunately there wasn’t much time to talk to everybody, but I hope there will be another one next year to catch up! I will definitely go again.


Have you ever been to a meet-up like this?

  • No I didn’t, and I wished Zwolle was not so awful far away. If there will be one closer to home I’ll definitely go!

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